Tripper是一个简单实用的手机应用。绝大多数的应用就相当于一部手机或远程控制-只需一键触发就可以连接到在线客服。当然,Tripper能做的远不只这些,还包括一个内置VPN、图片翻译、GPS导航,以及更多的应用!来发掘Tripper 吧,看看Tripper是如何发挥她最大的功效来充当你的当地旅行助手的。

  • 主屏幕所有按钮(条条大路通罗马。只需触发和你需求相关的按钮,就可以打电话给Tripper客服,然后您可以选择手机方式或者网络电话方式进行拨打。主界面是最常用的按钮,包括翻译、交通、美食、娱乐和SOS。在屏幕右下角绿色的“更多”按钮里面,你会发现更多的选项,比如在线购物、酒店预订、导游服务等等
  • GPSTripper can send you GPS guides that can be saved to your phone and used offline.Operators are also available to give you step-by-step voice directions.
  • VPNVPN is available for premium packages or separate purchase for $5.99 a month.It can be found in the "more" section of the main interface.
  • CameraTripper operators can live interpret as well as you to a multilingual operator with the push of a button. Simply press the button of your need and you’ll be immediately connected to a mulitlingual operator of your need.
  • AccountKeep track of your Tripper usage with the account page. Always be informed of your balance,call history, and more.
  • SettingsGet our service details, switch language method, and Tripper calling method in just matter of seconds.